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Watch: Inside ArtScroll – Episode 3:5: Reb Shloimi Steinmetz – Turning Personal Tragedy Into Global Inspiration

One of the kedoshim of Meron was habochur Dovi Steinmetz z”l of Montreal. Since last Lag Ba’omer, Dovi’s father, Reb Shloimi Steinmetz, has become an ambassador of faith, asking people to recite the 13 Ani Maamins printed in every siddur after davening each morning l’ilui nishmas the pure neshomah of Yissochor Dov Berish ben Reb Shloime.

Lufthansa’s Apology Takes Things From Bad To Worse With 9 Things That Remain Unaddressed; The Media Needs To Get This Story Right

On Sunday, after several days of interviews with passengers on Lufthansa flight 401, DansDeals wrote about the shocking story of Lufthansa collectively punishing over 130 Jews by barring them from catching their connecting flight Since then, Lufthansa has released a statement on the incident, and it has just made the whole thing worse.