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New York Voters to Decide Four Propositions on Election Day

In addition to the many names New York voters will see on election day, four propositions will be voted on directly by New York residents. Typically, state and city lawmakers draft and pass bills on their own, without voters’ direct input. Some laws, however, require voters to weigh in on the issue themselves before they can be signed into law.

East Ramapo School Board President Shimon Rose Steps Deeper Into Public Life, Announces Run For 15th County District Legislator

East Ramapo School Board President Shimon Rose, who has become a household name in local politics in recent years and earned a reputation for tirelessly serving the Monsey community on the School Board, is throwing his hat in the ring to serve as the County Legislator for the new 15th County District representing the Chestnut Ridge and Airmont neighborhoods.