“Chanukah Together”: A Historic Celebration, Live on Sunday, December 13th


Did you ever want to spend Chanukah in the Bahamas? What about Morocco or China? This Chanukah you can visit them all. Celebrate Chanukah on a Global scale as we join different Jewish communities from over 50 countries across the globe. This is set to be the largest, most entertaining and inspiring Chanukah party ever!

“Chanukah Together” is a 12-hour action-packed Chanukah production during which we will join together and travel the globe from one country to the next seeing how they celebrate Chanukah. Interspersed with musical performances from the greatest artists on the Jewish music scene including Avraham Fried, Ishay Ribo, Dudu Fisher, Yonatan Razel, Eitan Katz, and more.

Get an up-close and personal look on how Chanukah is being celebrated by Jews from China to Iceland, Russia to California and everywhere in between. Although the language, culture, and latke recipe may be different, we are united by the common goal to spread light and goodness.

“Putting all the a-list performances and top quality entertainment aside this event is truly about something more” explains Rabbi Avi Winner, production coordinator of the event, “It’s about every Jew sitting at home this year and feeling ‘Wow, I am part of something greater, part of the Jewish people, which transcends time, space and language’”

The event will be streaming live on Sunday, December 13th, 3rd day of Chanukah  starting at 9 AM ET from the Western Wall plaza in Yerushalayim, the program will be in both Hebrew and English, enabling as many people as possible to take advantage of this monumental Chanukah experience.

The event, produced by Arutz 20 and Merkos Suite 302, will be broadcast on Arutz 20 TV in Israel, JLTV Network in the United States.

Visit ChanukahTogether.com for more details.

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