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Looking for a Medical Assistant Job

If you have a passion for medicine, are very energetic and think you would enjoy working with pediatrics, this job may be for you.

You will learn to be proficient in electronic medical records. Phlebotomy & specimen collection, proper triage & medical scribing, assist with sutures and procedures, proper handling & storage of vaccines & other medical supplies. Proper handling of state of the art medical devices as well as organizing medical data for review and interpretation.

Experienced preferred.

Email: CL@tovhealth.org

Five Tools To Stay Safe and Connected for Life

During these increasingly stressful times of COVID-19, stress levels are high and the future for many is uncertain. With our children at home, we have been presented with an extraordinary opportunity to enhance our relationships with our children. Rabbi Levi Milecki shares five essential tools for helping their children feel safe and connected.

Minneapolis City Council Vows to Disband Local Police

A majority of the Minneapolis City Council vowed on Sunday to disband the local police department, The Hill reported. Nine of the council’s 13 members made the pledge, according to the report. Members of the council told The New York Times they plan to work with the local community to develop the new system following the death of George Floyd.

Kawasaki Disease: What You Need To Know

As the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be behind us, or at least the first wave, a new threat from the virus has emerged. Kawasaki Disease suddenly appeared in children following infection by COVID-19 just a few weeks ago, and the fear of complications has stalled efforts to return to normal life. So what is Kawasaki Disease? How dangerous is it? and should we be worried for our children?