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The Met Museum “Islamic Amulet” Looks Suspiciously Like Tefillin

by Monsey.info

According to the Met Museum, it’s a 6th century Egyptian amulet, made with a leather black box and has straps. It also looks suspiciously like a pair of tefillin shel rosh.

The Met Museum classified the artifact as a piece of Islamic art, acquired by the museum in 1962, and noted it as from the 6th century.

Due to COVID-19, many museums, the Met included, have moved more exhibits online, making them more available to all. The “artifact” caught the attention of those browsing the art section of the Met’s online exhibit, creating consternation at the museums confusion.

The obvious tefillin shel rosh has the distinctive four headed shin on one side, and four compartments making up the box.

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  • 1. Arie wrote:

    It seems that the Islamic Art Department had a problem admitting that there were Jewish communities in Dahr Al Islam.


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