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Politics in Pomona As Mayor Banks Attempts to Boot Jewish Trustee

by Monsey.info

Jewish Town Trustee Mendy Lasker is fending off an attack by Pomona Mayor Ian Banks who is attempting to give him the boot in favor of a former adversary.

Banks is attempting to have former Mayor Brett Yagel named as Trustee in Lasker’s place, claiming that Lasker missed a swearing-in deadline, and therefore was never a legal Trustee.

Lasker has since responded, claiming that a governor’s order due to COVID-19 had extended a deadline, allowing him to swear in later, which he did.

Lasker, as an incumbent, defeated businessman Sam Pech in a close election in 2020, winning with just 58 votes.

Despite Pomona Mayor Ian Banks’s endorsement, Sam Pech garnered only 244 votes, while Lasker received 302.

While the petty squabbling may seem ridiculous, such a change on the board of Trustees could significantly change the policies and decisions made that would directly affect the town.

The question of who is the trustee is likely to drag out in court, creating a limbo on the board and create legal chaos for a while.

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  • 1. Brett Yagel wrote:

    Good Evening. I hope and pray that everyone reading this is having a good Shabbas and that this finds you, your family, and friends healthy.

    Contrary to what Mr Lasker and friends might state, I am in fact now a Trustee of the Village of Pomona (not Town), per NYS a law. I would NOT have accepted nor would have been sworn in and signed an oath of if this was not the case. Mayor Banks appointed me and the board was notified.

    Per the New York Conference of Mayors and Municipal officials – the Mayor had it within his rights to appoint me. I received an email from NYCOM which stated:
    “ Trustee Yagel,

    As NYCOM General Counsel, your appointment was permissible Pursuant to Public Officers Law Section 30, if an individual fails to file their oath of office within 30 days of the commencement of their term of office, a vacancy is created in the office.

    While some may argue that the Governor issued an executive order tolling the filing deadline set forth in Public Officers Law Section 30, NYCOM staff does not agree and has been able to locate any Executive Order that specifically references public officers law section 30.”

    Mr Lasker – as a private citizen and not an elected – can sue the Mayor, however counsel will be provided by the insurance company. You may have heard that the ‘attorney’ that Mr Lasker is speaking with has stated otherwise. People should understand that NYCOM is extremely verse in NYS Municipal Law, Town Law, and Village Law. Mr Nugent’s firm does not have the breadth of knowledge of NYCOM, thus the confusion. More importantly Mr Nugent and his firm beat NOT submit a Bill to the village as this is a private individuals issue and would be considered an illegal gift!

    I take exception to the fact that your article mentions Mr Lasker’s religion, as this has absolutely NO BEARING on this situation and is divisive.

    I would also like clarification from the author of the article as to “ While the petty squabbling may seem ridiculous, such a change on the BOT could change the policies and positions made that would directly affect the town.”

    For the communities information, my tutelage as a leader occurred during more formative years under Ms. Caryl M Stern. For those that might remember, Ms Stern is the former COO of the ADL (anti-defamation league) . She is also the past CEO of UNICEF Emergency Children’s Fund. While Mr Lasker has publicly called me an anti-Semite, I know Ms Stern would vouch for my character! As to the allegations in ongoing lawsuits, these are proving to be false and bogus. And As a point Of information, Trustee Robert Klein perjured himself before Federal Judge Cathy Seibel.

    I ask for your prayers for our wonderful village, it’s residents, myself and my family. I look forward to working with the entire board to heal this village and move it forward.

    Thank you


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