Joey Newcomb Provides A Lag Ba’Omer UPMIX

One morning as I was finishing up Davening, Joey Newcomb got a message from my dear friends the Blumstein Brothers, excitedly telling him that he has just heard an incredible shiur about the holy Tanah, Reb Shimon Bar Yochai.

“He told me that he had learnt about the holiness of the Tanah and how he started the process of Ge’ulah,” Newcomb said. “It was Reb Shimon who taught us how to look past the surface and how to see the depth and beauty of everything and everyone around us.”

Of course, Blumstein Brothers also attached this song they had just written, expressing their reservations about it.

“I told him how much I loved it and how I felt it encapsulated the holy teaching that he had just shared with me,” said Newcomb. “And the rest, as they say……is history!”

Originally released a few years ago, DJ Farbreng has added his unique sound to this upmix to help connect to Heilige Reb Shimon on this special day of Lag B’omer.

Song composed by The Blumstein Brothers

Remixed by Izzy Drihem

Original vocals recorded by Doni Gross