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Historic Educators Conference in Monsey NY

A Historic event took place in Monsey, NY as principles and administrator’s of all Torah education institutions in New York State came together for a conference. Together, they committed to stand united against our mutual enemies – those who want to infiltrate, and worse yet, contaminate the scared education of our next generation.

The hearts stirred with the roar of the speakers, urging to grasp to urgency of the matter. We heard talks portraying the current situation, which holds a scary resemblance to the times of communism. Should the bill pass, it would impose on our institutions to comply with government regulation which would taint the pure souls of our innocent Kinderlach with the impurities of the modern culture.

Rabbi Aron Arye Eisenberg opened the historic event in the name of the PEARLS. Rabbi Chaim Dovid Zweibel of Agudas Yisroel: The Romans are standing outside our educational facilities, threatening to break the barriers. Who knows where we are headed? We must acknowledge that there is a war; we must proceed and win.

It was emphasized the fact that the responsibility for the war to guard the purity of our Torah education does absolutely not rest exclusively upon the shoulders of the PEARLS organization. We depend of the full cooperation of the principals and administrators of the many Mosdos HaTorah throughout New York.

It was a special moment and powerful message moment when the administrator of Mosdos Satmar in Kiryas Joel Rabbi Shloma Zalmen Weiss brought up a package of more than 12000 signed letters from Kiryas Joel residents to the NYS Department of Education

Pictures Credit: Avi S

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