Fund Established For Stabbing Victim

A fund has been established for Reb Mordechai Schlesinger, the 30 year old stabbing victim in Monsey.

The fund was started by Tomchei Shabbos, and published for donations on The Chessed Fund website.

On the appeal webpage, the organizers wrote that “While the horrific details of the assault and stabbing have been publicized, the needs of the family have been kept private. But we as a community can remain silent no more. As this story recedes from newspaper headlines and journalists move on to the next day’s news, we must remember the family who continues to struggle with this terrible tragedy.”

Reports indicate that Rabbi Schlesinger has already undergone multiple surgeries, but is still in need of Rachamei Shomayim. Please continue to daven for Mordechai ben Bracha.

To donate, Click Here

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