NYC Loses Appeal, Can Not Bus Migrants To Rockland County


New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s plan to bus migrants to Rockland County has come to a grinding halt yet again Friday after an appeals court denied their attempt to vacate a TRO stopping him from bussing in migramts.

“Mayor Eric Adams and the City of New York lost their appeal Friday which attempted to challenge and repeal the Temporary Restraining Order granted to the County,” the Rockland County government wrote on social media. “The TRO was granted in a lawsuit filed by the County challenging the City’s authority to create a shelter outside of their jurisdiction while additionally bypassing all the state laws and regulations required to do so and prohibits the city from housing any homeless in the County.”

Rockland Executive Ed Day last week noted that “Mayor Eric Adams can call me every name in the book to deflect the reality of his clear disregard for our laws and failure to deliver on the promise of being a Sanctuary City. He’s breaking local and state laws, has no regard for State of Emergencies, and deceived and lied continuously – all of which speak volumes of his character.”

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