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Looking for a Medical Assistant Job

If you have a passion for medicine, are very energetic and think you would enjoy working with pediatrics, this job may be for you.

You will learn to be proficient in electronic medical records. Phlebotomy & specimen collection, proper triage & medical scribing, assist with sutures and procedures, proper handling & storage of vaccines & other medical supplies. Proper handling of state of the art medical devices as well as organizing medical data for review and interpretation.

Experienced preferred.

Email: CL@tovhealth.org

19 Years later Part 1: 9/11 Through The Lens of A Shomrim Volunteer

Amid the chaos and panic following the airliners slamming into the two World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, many men and woman answered a higher calling – instead of running away, they turned and ran towards the burning buildings. Among those brave men was a band of Shomrim volunteers from Crown Heights. During their time at ground zero, one of the volunteers took these historic videos, published here on Crown Heights.info for the first time.

Video of the Day

To all those young people out there, this should be a lesson in not playing with fireworks. A Brooklynite decided to not follow this advise, shooting off the flaming rockets in his driveway until one flew into his home. When the Firefighters were finished,the home was completely destroyed.