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Stories of Mesiras Nefesh in the Holocaust can be found in books and videos that are your fingertips. But this one story is engraved on the tombstone of a Marine who survived World War Two, and attributes his survival to putting on tefillin and not eating unkosher meat.

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Looking for a Medical Assistant Job

If you have a passion for medicine, are very energetic and think you would enjoy working with pediatrics, this job may be for you.

You will learn to be proficient in electronic medical records. Phlebotomy & specimen collection, proper triage & medical scribing, assist with sutures and procedures, proper handling & storage of vaccines & other medical supplies. Proper handling of state of the art medical devices as well as organizing medical data for review and interpretation.

Experienced preferred.

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Picture of the Day

It is agreed by all that the most hotly contested disagreement in shuls across the world is its temperature. For some it is always too hot, others too cold, and the poor Gabbai is always caught in the middle. This Gabbai just gave up trying to please anyone, I wonder how that worked out……..

Picture of the Day

An official White House photo was released showing Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, the Rabbi of the Chabad House of Poway California, posing with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Rabbi Goldstein was injured in the Pesach shooting at his Chabad House.

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Shomrim volunteers from all neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Staten Island work together in keeping seder during the Levaya of the Skulener Rebber Zt”l. The first part of the Levaya will be in Boro Park, and the Kevurah will take place in Monsey.