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PSA: New Parking Enforcement at the Wesley Plaza Shopping Center


We all know driving in the Wesley Plaza Shopping Center can sometimes feel like the Wild West. The Village Board has decided to address this issue by hiring an additional Code Enforcement Officer specifically for the purpose of dealing with illegal parking and other violations at the shopping center.

Please spread the word to your neighbors that if they do not obey the law, they can expect to receive a ticket.

As a reminder, please note the following:

There is NO STANDING and NO PARKING in the FIRE ZONE in front of the stores.  Only stopping is allowed.  This means you can drop off, or pick up a person who is at the curb and ready to enter your vehicle, and be on your way.  If you are in the Fire Zone and are not dropping off or picking up someone, you may be ticketed.

HANDICAP PARKING is reserved only for people with the proper license plates or permit.  In addition, even if the vehicle does have the plate or permit, the handicap space may only be used if the person who received the permit or plate is in the vehicle. It is illegal to park in the blue striped area between handicap spaces.  This area is there to allow access to the handicap spaces by people with wheelchairs and specially equipped vehicles.

At the entrance/exit from the shopping center across from Village Green, only right turns are allowed for exiting vehicles.  In addition, vehicles are prohibited from entering via a left turn from 306.

The STOP SIGN in the entrance lane across from Greg Sikorsky Drive actually means come to a complete STOP.  After stopping make sure there are no people crossing the road and no vehicles are approaching, as those vehicles already in the parking lot have the right-of-way at this intersection.

All deliveries are supposed to utilize the back entrances to the stores and delivery trucks are supposed to enter only via the Willow Tree Road entrance.  This is both in accord with the Fire Zone laws and the approved plan for the shopping center.

Please treat our new Code Enforcement Office with respect (and appreciation).  He is there to improve safety and make life better for our residents.

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