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Measles Outbreak That Sickened 312 In Rockland County Declared Officially Over

After 42 days without a new case of Measles County officials have announced an official end to outbreak. The outbreak, the worst seen in many years, sickened 312 people since last October in Rockland County according to the state.

The 42 day period is the equivalent of two incubation periods, and the timeframe when measles outbreaks are typically declared over should there be no new cases.

The present outbreak, which has been noted as the nation’s worst measles epidemic in 27 years, began a year ago, with most of the cases centered in Orthodox Jewish communities in Rockland and New York City.

Health officials reported dispensing nearly 30,000 measles vaccinations in Rockland County as part of efforts to stop the outbreak, an effort that appeared to have worked,.

Over the summer, legislators eliminated non-medical exemptions for measles vaccinations required for school children, and tightened rules for granting medical exemptions.

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