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New Moon; New Month; New Mitzvah

The already excited Jewish people were thrilled when they were presented their very first Mitzvah as a full-fledged nation. The commandment is to establish the Jewish months starting with the springtime month of Nissan.

“It’s really nice that our months follow the cycle of the moon,” noted Shemesh ben Kochav, an astronomer from the tribe of Shimon, “Like the moon, it sometimes looks like we are going to disappear, but you can always count on us to bounce back.”


It’s a sight never seen before! As per G-d’s command, on the 14th day of Nissan, every single Jewish family held a family barbeque. The Egyptians were stunned to see the Jews of Goshen roasting lamb. “OH MY GOD!” cried out Mr. Omar Uberguy. “Don’t these ignorant Jews realize that they have brutally murdered our gods?!”
Mr. Levi Lambchopowitz responded, “We are not afraid of your gods… dead or alive! Our G-d, the G-d of Israel, told us exactly what to do. A barbeque is the best way to show all of Egypt that something magnificent is about to happen. Just smell it in the air. You’ll see… the time of liberation is just around the corner! Before you know it, we’re out of here! AT LAST!”

Long Exile Comes to an End

After generations of oppression, tears, and hard labor, the Jews were finally set free by Paraoh. “It’s an open miracle!” Mrs. Sarah Gezunheit (Hachoo) told reporters.

Apparently, the Plague of the Firstborn was the last straw for the Egyptian leader. As a firstborn, he feared for his own life. Before their departure, the Jews obtained jewels and other precious items from their Egyptian neighbors. “Take my jewelry!” were among the cries heard throughout the land. “My diamond rings! It’s all yours! Anything! Just go and get out of Egypt. We had enough of you! Arois! Adiós! Sayonara! Good-bye and good riddance!”. Indeed, a historic moment began as 600,000 men, along with their wives and children, marched Out of Egypt.


Alert Weather Advisory

Egyptians all over the country have been reporting frightening pitch-darkness. The Royal Weather Commission has warned that movement may soon become impossible.

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