Town of Ramapo Adopts Its 2023 Budget

The town board of the Town of Ramapo voted unanimously to approve the 2023 budget this week, setting a smooth transition for the next year.

The 2023 budget features increasing all departmental income through process improvements and rate increases with the objective of reducing taxes wherever possible, continuing to obtain State and Federal grants for critical capital improvements, continuing its track record of maintaining tight expenditure budgets and careful cost reductions resulting from technology and efficiency improvements, implementing important improvements in public safety and emergency preparedness, and consolidating operations where possible to improve the quality of services and reduce costs.

The town supervisor stated that “his administration continues in its commitment to financial discipline and transparency” without compromising the services and the resources available to our residents. He is “pleased to deliver a budget for 2023 that will ensure the continuity and quality of services and resources with no increase in taxes to all residents in the Town of Ramapo.”

The supervisor thanked the town board and his staff for their efforts in creating and perfecting the budget.

The Town administration in the beginning of 2022 completed a rigorous financial turnaround of the Town transforming a $13.8 million general fund deficit in 2017 to a $2.5 million surplus. With its improved financial health, the Standard and Poor’s rating agency raised Ramapo to a A+ rating with a stable outlook. In addition, for the second year running, Ramapo is not on the “financially stressed” list published by the New York State Comptroller’s Office. These achievements reflect the towns commitment to a strong financial discipline and fiscal responsibility. The zero percent increase is another step towards fiscal responsibly and accountability to taxpayers by the town board and the supervisor.

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