Tragedy in The Caribbean: Urgent Tefilos Requested For A Chabad Shlucha After Accident Leaves Her In A Coma and Takes The Life of 4-Month-Old Daughter

Late on Tuesday the Shluchim to the Virgin Islands and some of their younger children were near the ocean, when their 4-month old baby slipped into the water -followed immediately by her parents, who tried desperately to save their baby but the mother got stuck underwater.

People nearby helped pull the shluchah out, and worked for a very long time to resuscitate her. On life-support, she was transferred on Wednesday via special medical transport to Miami for urgent medical intervention.

The baby’s body was recovered some time later, and has since been released to Chesed Shel Emes.

The public is requested to urgently increase in Torah, Tefillah and Tzedakah, along with peulos of Hakhel and chizuk ha’hiskashrus to learn the Rebbe’s teachings, in merit of a refuah shleimah u’krovah for Shluchah Henya bas Brachah Devorah Leah Federman.

Update: Levaya of four-month-old Shterna Sara Federman

We regret to inform you that the levaya of Shternie Federman, the daughter of the Shluchim to the Virgin Islands, will take place at 4:00pm today, Thursday, 7 Kislev, 5783, at the Old Montefiore Cemetery, 226-20 Francis Lewis Blvd, Cambria Heights, NY 11411

The public is requested to continue praying for the refua shleima of Henya bas Brachah Devorah Leah.

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