Village of Wesley Hills Again Accommodates For Biyur Chometz, Makes PSA Regarding Yom Tov

The Village will once again be providing for the community’s Passover cleaning needs, by having dumpsters at the Village Hall.

The dumpsters will be available from Tuesday, April 4th at 9am until Wednesday, April 5th at 3pm in the Village Hall parking lot.  Please make sure to place all trash inside the bins.  Please place only regular household waste in these bins, not bulk items, electronics or hazardous waste. 

There have been complaints in the past when people placed garbage at their curb on Passover eve when it was not the pickup day for their street, resulting in the garbage being out for days and being scattered by animals and wind throughout their neighborhoods.  Please be sensitive to the beauty of our Village and the feelings of your neighbors and take advantage of the bins at Village Hall.  It is good practice throughout the year not to put garbage, bulk items or recyclables out on non-pickup days for those items.  

As always, remember the following safety rules when walking on the roads:

  • At night wear reflector strips (10 per household available free at Village Hall).
  • Walk on the side of the road facing traffic.
  • Use sidewalks where they are available, or try to walk as close to the shoulder as possible, and single-up when cars are approaching. 

Open fires in the Village require a Burn Permit from the Village Fire Inspector.  The burn permit application may be found HERE.  Please make sure to submit your burn permit by Wednesday March 29that the latest so that the Fire Inspector has time to review it.  Please pay special attention to all the conditions on the application.  I would like to draw special attention to condition #12 which requires a sketch/diagram of the fire location, as many people forget to include this and it may result in your application being rejected.

Finally, please do not bring bread to Willow Tree Park and Greg Sikorski Park (Lime Kiln Rd.) prior to the holiday to feed the ducks and geese.  Feeding the birds in those parks is a violation of the park rules, is unhealthy for the animals, attracts rodents, and often results in littering.  For the sake of our parks, the wildlife, and in consideration of the neighbors who live near our parks, please do not feed the birds.

Thank you, and have a safe and happy holiday,

Marshall Katz, Mayor

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