After Seven Years, Pomona Pizza To Close It’s Doors


Seven years ago, Pomona Pizza opened on Route 202 in Rockland County, a pioneer restaurant in an area that had little kosher infostructure. Sadly, they have now decided to close their doors.

“Pomona Pizza, being open for the last seven 7 years, will be closing it’s doors at the end of the week,” the owners wrote in a social media message. “Due to circumstances beyond our control this Thursday, September 14, 2023, will be our last day of operation.”

The news was greeted with dismay for many of the local residents who have come to love Pomona Pizza’s unique pies, something that many feel will be hard to find elsewhere.

“You will be missed greatly! Our favorite pizza and especially favorite sushi! We will miss you,” wrote one local in response to the news.

Pomona Pizza, which was a pioneer in the area, recently found itself with heavy competition from Evergreen Supermarket, the all in one store that included a Pizza parlor and was opened just down the block.

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