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Looking for a Medical Assistant Job

If you have a passion for medicine, are very energetic and think you would enjoy working with pediatrics, this job may be for you.

You will learn to be proficient in electronic medical records. Phlebotomy & specimen collection, proper triage & medical scribing, assist with sutures and procedures, proper handling & storage of vaccines & other medical supplies. Proper handling of state of the art medical devices as well as organizing medical data for review and interpretation.

Experienced preferred.

Email: CL@tovhealth.org

Trump Issues Executive Order Against TikTok

US President Donald Trump on Thursday issued an executive order barring any transactions between US companies and the Chinese parent company of TikTok beginning in 45 days.The order essentially forces the parent company, ByteDance, to divest from TikTok, or face a ban from operating in the United States.

“Shuvi” A New Single From Zalman Pollack

The relationship we have with Hashem is a remarkable one. Throughout our history the nations of the world have always tried to entice the Yidden to follow them, they call out to the Jews ‘Shuvi, Shuvi’ turn toward us and away from Hashem. To which we answer ‘Ma Techezu’ what can you possibly offer us that would compare to the beautiful relationship we have with Hashem.

Iran Accidentally Blocks Own Naval Port by Sinking Fake US Carrier in Wrong Place

Iran sought a propaganda victory by constructing by attacking a fake American aircraft carrier during war games, but instead has harmed its own navy’s ability to function. The fake aircraft carrier, which was actually a barge mocked up to look like an US navy vessel, was accidentally sunk, according to images shared by Aurora Intel and taken by the PLEIADES satellites.

Lord & Taylor Files For Bankruptcy

Lord & Taylor, one of America’s oldest department stores, has joined a large and growing list of large chain stores filing for bankruptcy as casualties of the coronavirus pandemic. Tailored Brands, the parent company of two other nationwide chains Men’s Wearhouse and Jos. A. Banks, filed for bankruptcy as well.

Picture of the Day

Kosher certifications can be found on many food products, as well as some not so edible stuff. Did you know that face masks need a hechsher? Neither did I, but for some reason the OU thought it should be a requirement, and specified that the cloth material is dairy. Am I missing something here?